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Good words

Published 1860

29 31

Volume 1863
Publisher London [England] : A. Strahan
Pages 1000
Possible copyright status NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT
Language English
Call number ALU-9908
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Book contributor Kelly - University of Toronto
Collection kellylibrary; toronto

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Reviewer: Alastair McIntyre - - February 10, 2008
Subject: Review of the Good Words Publication
I first came across the publication "Good Words" when publishing the Memoirs of Norman MacLeod, the editor of "Good Words". I was so amazed at his life's work that I was determined to find a copy of the publication and was fortunate enough to find the first volume which was published in 1860.

When I started to ocr the book onto my web site, story by story, I received an amazing amount of emails all of which were most positive about the publication.

One story in particular said a lot about it...

An 80 year old man from Scotland emailed me. Now while I won't mention his name I will confess to knowing him very well. He is a son of the manse and a really great Scottish character.

Anyway... he wrote to say that he was very impressed with the publication and that many of the stories in there had a good religious message. In fact he was so impressed with it that he phoned the local minister. He told him of the book and said that many stories in "Good Words" would make an excellent basis for a sermon and he really should check it out.

The minister then logged onto my web site to read a few of the stories and I am told that indeed he has made use of it in the pulpit.

There are a whole mixture of stories as it is meant to be a good read for any christian person. Some of the stories are very large and so are done in parts but others are complete one off stories. There are also many poems throughout the volume.

Each week there is also a section "Good Words for Every Day of the Year" in which you will find a daily thought based on a saying from the bible.

There are also travel stories where a contributor has related their tale of travelling to foreign lands. Norman MacLeod himself travelled extensively himself visiting Europe, North American, India, etc.

You will find stories about plants and animals. You will find stories of Missionares around the world.

Being a Scot he is also not adverse on telling us a little about parts of Scotland and exploring Scottish ancestors from Scandinavia, etc. He studied in Germany and you'll also find tales of Germans and places in Germany.

There are many positive stories which teach us lessons of life. One such one in the first volume is about a Village schoolmaster who went on to become the Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

Essentially this is a book to pick up when you have a little time to spare and perhaps each day if you wish to read the bible thought of the day. For those not into religion it is still a great read for the geographical stories, history stories, etc.

I thoroughly recommend the book to you as one that can bring a little light into your day.
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